Even though I didn’t get into computing until 7th grade when my parents bought a Canon 486SX/20 computer, it’s in my blood. These days, in addition to all the “normal” computer nerd-type stuff, I spend quite a bit of time applying the art to robotics.

For gaming, I set up a game/media box and projector which has already provided hours of entertainment. There’s just something glorious about playing WoW or watching a movie on a 100″ screen. :-)

I also am spending some time playing around with HTMs. Of all the promising advances in technology/software, this currently has my vote for being the most revolutionary. If time permits, I hope to complete my plans of setting up a Beowulf Cluster to aid in the immense amount of background processing that this requires.

By the way, that picture on the right is a proud (nerdy) accomplishment. Back in 2007, on one leg of a trip over Indiana, I was stuck in the back seat of a Cessna 172 (Luke was getting instruction so I couldn’t pilot). After a few minutes of looking at the sights, I broke out the laptop and cell phone. The laptop connects to the Internet via the cell via Bluetooth while providing power to the phone via USB. What’s that on the screen you ask? WoW of course. :-) Ping sucked, but now I can say that I played WoW via a cell about a mile above ground. Some sort of mile-high club for nerds?


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