Paso AirstripHow do you know if there’s a pilot in the room?

They’ll tell you.

Or at least that’s how it was put on a shirt I saw once. It’s true though. Aviation is a passion and for those that share it, there is always common ground and an instant common bond. There’s just something so freeing about flight. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it also involves a good deal of science, applied mathematics, as well as a fair amount of skill - all of which make it a wonderful challenge.

I’ve “always wanted to fly” (as almost any nerdy guy would say) but it wasn’t until I met Travis that the dream was realized. Being a pilot (with all the normal certs except ATP), and also owning an airplane, I had the wonderful opportunity of learning to fly without the normal time or expense involved. Most of our flights were the result of a “hey, let’s check this airstrip out” conversation which led to a very natural learning process. I think we only went out for the sole purpose of instruction like four or five times. Anyhow, I received my Private Certificate in June of 2006 and am looking forward to many years of ongoing adventures because of it.

Someday I hope to climb the FAA ladder and get my IFR, Commercial, and CFI ratings so that I can help instruct others in an official capacity. I just need to work on acquiring an aircraft first…

The above picture was taken after Travis and I decided to “find a place to land somewhere in Paso Robles”. We ended up finding a utility road that wasn’t private property with sufficient length and clearance. You can just barely see it in the background on the left.

In addition to the stuff listed here, there’s also a lot of aviation-related things strewn amongst the Adventures pages.