Electric Scooter: v2

Someday I plan to design a version 2 of my electric scooter which will incorporate a lot of new tech (such as wheel-mounted pancake motors) and eliminate the main issues that I encountered with the first revision (friction-drive == bad!). For now, though, I took the simple way out and bought an eGo scooter (the SE model) to use as my main means of transport around SLO. For $1350 (off Craig’s List), it’s been a very decent investment so far. I’ve only had it for a couple months and put ~250 miles on it so far, but there’s just something soothing about using only 11 gallons of gas in two months. (It rained for a week straight and I had to drive to work or it would be even higher.)

Not that I’ll recover the original investment in gas savings any time soon, but I needed a reliable source of transportation anyhow, so I figure that I’m ahead since I didn’t go out and buy a(nother) car. (I’m still drivin’ that old ‘84 VW Rabbit when I need to go more than ~8 miles :-)).